Family Dinner

Great Ways to Connect with Your Kids, One Meal at a Time

Tabletalk Conversation Cards

Great Idea

This product is a great idea for those folks who find it difficult to start conversations. Pick one card, and the topic most often leads to another topic, then another. Very handy and entertaining!

Chat Pack

Pick any card and use it as a starting point for everything from a smart one-liner comeback to an all-night in-depth conversation that will let you learn about your family and friends from new and different perspectives. For example:

* "If you could have any object or place to yourself for one day, what would you choose?"

* "You've been given the chance to travel into the future to see how the world will change over the next 50 years. What in particular are you most interested in?

Listen First

Turning Social Media Conversations Into Business Advantage

Listen First! Social Media Marketing Research

How Far Will You Go?: Questions to Test Your Limits by Evelyn McFarlane

 "How Far Will You Go? is a fun and thought provoking book filled with up to 500 questions that enable the reader to explore the world around them and to remember the weirdest, greatest, scariest and funniest moments of their lives. Some of my personal favorite questions are “What’s the furthest you’ve ever pushed yourself physically?” and “What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told?”

Would You?: Questions to Challenge Your Beliefs by Evelyn McFarlane

Would You?: Questions to Challenge Your Beliefs is a great book for exploring the beliefs, values and ethics of ourselves, our friends and our family. The 250 questions in Would You? are designed to generate answers that give us an insight about each others priorities and a better understanding of what they stand for. I really enjoyed considering my answers to questions such as, “Would you rather age well physically or mentally?”

The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock PhD

The Book of Questions is a great book that gives the reader an opportunity to explore and discuss what they would do in weird hypothetical situations, when faced with dilemmas and when having to make difficult choices. The provided200 questions could be used as a great tool for learning more about yourself and others. The questions explore topics on values, money, sex, generosity, pride, and death.



The Complete Book of Questions: 1001 Conversation Starters for Any Occasion by Garry Poole



The Complete Book a book of Questions provides up to 1000 intriguing questions designed to produce stimulating discussions between any group of people for any occasion. Questions such as “If you were standing on a deserted island, what three ‘luxury items’ would you most want to have with you?” and “What’s one thing you know for sure?” produce lengthy answers and discussions rather than simply yes or no responses



Conversations on the Go: Clever Questions to Keep Teens and Grown-Ups Talking by Mary Alice Ackerman

Conversations on the Go is a book of questions which are designed to help teens and adults engage in meaningful conversations. Sometimes as a teenager it's not so easy to find a common ground with an adult or vice versa. With topics such as, “In what way do you wish you had more freedom?” and “What is the silliest thing you’ve ever done in public” ice could be easily broken  and conversations could flow freely.


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